Pool Removal NJ

– If your pool has fallen into disrepair or the children have moved on and it is no longer in use than pool removal pool removal may be a good option. There are many reason why swimming pools need to be removed but no matter your reason we can help. R.W. Hartman Contractors is a small attention to detail oriented business. If you have decided your pool needs to be removed give Rob a call at 609-280-6654 or 856-829-4001 and he would be happy to come visit you and discuss your options. If you have any concerns about the pool removal process he can answer any questions. When it comes time to remove the pool Rob will be there personally on the job every step of the way.

Top 10 Reasons People Remove Their Pool

No longer in use
Wall caved in
Cover collapsed
Buying a home
Selling a home
Mechanical failure
High maintenance costs
Lower taxes
Lower insurance rates
Build an addition

The Pool Removal Process

– Once you have decided that you would like to remove your pool we will come out to personally look over the pool and surrounding area. At this time we can answer and questions or concerns you may have and give you an accurate price. We do not up charge the price we give you is the price you pay without any surprises. If you decide to move forward with the pool removal we will discuss exactly how the pool will be removed and the entry and extraction path. We take care in protecting and restoring the work area back to a level surface raked and ready for topsoil or grass seed.

Pool Removal Permit– Anytime a pool is being removed a permit must be obtained with the town in which the property is located. We will submit all paperwork to the town for permitting. Once the permit is ready the town will notify either us or you and the permit can be picked up. This process can take about two weeks. Once the permit is in hand we can start removing the pool immediately.

When We Start – When we arrive we begin by laying down our steal plates to build a road from the street back to the pool. The road will be used to drive our equipment on in an effort to reduce the impact our equipment has on your lawn and under ground utilities. The steal plates protect against tire track ruts, damage to foundations and any underground utilities such as water, sewer and gas. After the road is laid we will remove and fencing, bushes, trees or tree limbs required to access the pool area. Once the path is clear we can begin removing the pool. When all pool debris is removed there will be an empty dirt hole where the pool once was. At this point the pool will be ready for inspection. This can take two to three days depending on the town.

Time To Backfill – Once the township has given approval to backfill we begin to truck in fill dirt to bring the hole up to grade. We will make sure that the surface is graded off the a level surface and conforms the the natural grade of the surrounding area. Some homeowners decide to have topsoil brought in at this time but it is not required. At this point either grass seed or sod can be laid down.

Clean Up Time – We will begin to work our way back from the pool area the way we came. We will replace fences and remove the steel plates as we work all the way back to the street. Before we leave will broom clean the street if needed.

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